Muvhango actress Rami Chuene responds to rumours cast members are fed up with her

Muvhango actress Rami Chuene responds to rumours cast members are fed up with her
Published: 2014 January 27 00:56:55 (67577 Views)
Muvhango cast members are allegedly fed up with actress Rami Chuene who plays Khomotjo because she is apparently forever telling them they're amateurs.

"Rami throws tantrums on set. She's always accusing producers of being unprofessional, telling them she doesn't want to work with amateurs," said a Sunday Sun source.
"Last year she walked out of a shoot furiously saying crew members make her repeat scenes unnecessarily."
Another insider told Sunday Sun that Rami doesn't get along with longtime lead actor, Sindi Dlathu, who plays Thandaza.

"It seems she wants to take over the lead acting role. The way people see her on-screen is the way she acts on set."
The former Scandal! actress was off screen for a long time and her career was given a lifeline when Muvhango's producers wanted to draw in Pedi viewers to increase the soap's ratings.
An actor, who can't be named, reportedly told Sunday Sun that Khomotjo is taking advantage of the producers because they admire her work.
When contacted, Khomotjo said: "I don't know what to say. People will always talk. I take my job seriously.
"Maybe that gave people the wrong idea. But as for having issues with Thandaza – that's not true," she said.
Muvhango's publicist, Amanda Ngudle, said: "Rami is the sweetest person on set. All the directors like her because with her there are never retakes.
"But I'm not denying that incidents could have happened. But we haven't received a formal complaint against her."

Source - Dailysun


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Anonymous user 2015 December 10 08:14:13
Bring Rami and Teboho back
Anonymous user 2015 December 10 08:10:59
I would like to recimmend tha Rami be brought back, it seems like the producers and directors and maybe some of the actors and actresses just don't like perfection: to me Ramie is perfect and liked what I saw. If muvhango is all about firing or tarnishing the image and dignity of best actors and actresses how can it win the awards? After all we are the ones watching and voting, if the producers like it for themselves they must cut it off the SABC. Who knows; is even possible that Sindi could be the one who was jealous and threatened by Rami' excellent performance coz she's used to being the one on the spot light. Or could we as muvhango fans Somehow be played behind the scene with some sort of tribalism going on? I mean is possible that we could be here fighting for a common thing whilst we are fighting the no any pedi or sotho lady should outstand sindi since she's zulu and and has long been there. Truth is all angles must be checked coz we could be pin pointing at some unrealistic things due to unressolved internal personal issues even from the mangement themselves, mean isn't it obvious that the actresses go watch themselves on their home screens? And isn't it obvious that that's where the reality of perfectionism and greatness reveal its self? And somehow everyone who is sober minded can see without any biased judgement that Rami did her thing above who and who.
Anonymous user 2015 August 02 13:44:09
Y is rami no longer been shown. At muvhango to us means that she fired
Anonymous user 2015 March 17 19:37:25
please dont bring rami back i just dont like her she must nog come back to muvhango ever again
Anonymous user 2015 March 11 13:43:41
Bring Rami back she was excellent and we miss her a lot, she brought a lot to the soapie so please hear us out Muvhango
Anonymous user 2015 January 13 11:36:08
Rami chuene is one of the best actors she make the soapie reality and all the fans enjoy her so bring back RAMI and mostly she sould change he ATTITUDE!!
Anonymous user 2015 January 13 11:33:36
They muvhango if rami is not there
Anonymous user 2014 November 17 14:26:08
bring rami back...joh she was so goood and now she is gone. miss her alot
Anonymous user 2014 October 20 22:23:37
I really like Khomotjo so much. .I think Thandaza is jealous cause really she cannot compare herself with Rami.. Rami should be the leading lady...Muvhango has to bring her back cause..
Anonymous user 2014 October 03 22:33:48
of all the muvhango actorz i lyk 4nw m jus bored ge asa lego :(
Anonymous user 2014 September 25 19:55:22
I wix Rami may come back because now she's the master of movhango
Anonymous user 2014 September 23 09:09:22
I don't lyk Chichi's behaviour to her customers
Anonymous user 2014 September 23 09:00:42
Rami she is a good actor she makes things real in muvhango
Anonymous user 2014 September 15 15:36:32
I watch de soapie bcz of her....wthout her de wil b no rsn to watch muvhango again..she really is AN ACTOR
Anonymous user 2014 September 13 11:34:17
Shes the best actor mcwaa rami
Anonymous user 2014 August 13 11:31:09
Rami has an attitude thats so boring bt she is a good actress
Anonymous user 2014 August 07 11:12:34
Rami chuene,u truthfully saying the wine idea was ur idea.if u say it was.i dont c the reason why u go to church if u of ur friends with good contacts used his power to give u the concept.reality is,both of u i wish u well.Oneday.... Not tday dear or next week but one day.
Anonymous user 2014 July 14 14:53:21
i think maybe rami chuene must apologise to the producers and to the lead actress and life goes on
Anonymous user 2014 July 14 11:40:53
yoh khomotjho has such devious plans she gives muvhango that pizaaz wow i love her
Anonymous user 2014 June 25 11:28:49
Rami, is the best...I love her roll and she is brilliant....i would love to see more of her...
Anonymous user 2014 June 15 14:48:48
and there goes lekgarebe la ga chuene wa i dira Khomotjo hle...maka a se makhura ga bose....
Anonymous user 2014 June 13 15:29:07
M watching muvhango bcos of her,she gave that soapy va va vooom,u go gal
Anonymous user 2014 June 07 14:45:32
Rami chuene is the best, she is giving therapy to the stoned was a bore and I never bothered to watch it, her presence on the cast has got my attention. This is so cool to see her
Anonymous user 2014 June 02 15:45:22
batho barata go senya tlhe kgomotso o acta monate thata ke rata style sa gage lol

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